Last chance to speak up: the government decides on internet prices soon.

The Federal Cabinet can lower your Internet bills.

They decide by May 27, 2022.

Is Big Telecom too cosy with the CRTC?

Last chance to speak up

With the stroke of a pen, the federal cabinet can lower internet bills for millions of Canadians. In May 2022, they must decide: Will they lower your cost of living, or protect big telecom’s massive profits?

Contact your MP below. It takes 15 seconds.

Canadians deserve real choice and lower prices to stay connected.

“The most anti-consumer CRTC chair in its history” - Michael Geist

More choice equals lower prices for all Canadians.

CRTC’s devastating decision rewards big business.

Big Telcom’s greedy conduct has gotten them hundreds of millions of dollars of free cash during the pandemic.

The giants coordinate to keep cell phone prices high where there’s no competition.

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